Writing Rules

Cumhuriyet Medical Journal (CMJ) is a peer-reviewed journal and is published four times a year, in March, June, September and December. It aims to provide readers with up-to-date information on basic, internal, and surgical science research, expert opinions, and diagnostic and treatment techniques. It publishes English-language articles both national and international. Using Open Journal Systems software, it is published online in an open journal publishing format. By collaborating with a nationally and internationally renowned referee group, it seeks to consistently enhance its quality and draw in a larger readership. It considers recommendations from all scientists interested in working with us to improve our journal.

Cumhuriyet Medical Journal Editorial Board
Cumhuriyet Medical Journal adheres to the general rules applicable to manuscripts submitted to biomedical journals. Of all article drafts submitted to CMJ, those that are publishable are subjected to a rigorous double-blind peer review process. Every article that is submitted is checked for compliance with the submission guidelines in a preliminary review. Articles that go through this procedure are sent to the chief editor for editorial assessment. The piece that the editor-in-chief evaluates is given to the section editor. The editor of the pertinent section will designate a minimum of two reviewers. Reviewers are chosen based on their evaluation interests and areas of experience. The reviewers are not made aware of the authors' identity. Through feedback, reviewers offer recommendations to the editors on the article's scientific worth, the procedures used, and the statistical analyses performed. The statistics editor receives articles that need a more in-depth examination of statistics. The pertinent section editor provides an overall assessment based on the cumulative feedback from the reviewers. The editorial board then assesses the piece and renders a definitive decision. The website is used to send recommendations, criticisms, and comments to the writers of the articles; the referees' identities are kept private. After being returned to the authors for revision, article contents are required to be resubmitted within 15 days with the appropriate changes made.
* International Committee of Medical Journal Editors. General Rules for Manuscripts Submitted to Biomedical Journals: International Committee of Medical Journal Editors. Uniform Requirements for Manuscripts Submitted to Biomedical Journals: Writing and Editing for Biomedical Publications. Last update date: October 2008. Available: http://www.icmje.org/index.html.


The writing language of the journal is English. Articles must be written in English and contain English and Turkish titles, abstracts and keywords. Authors whose native language is not English should get help from an expert in English and scientific writing before submitting their articles. Manuscripts that do not meet basic language standards will be returned without preliminary review.

Articles must be sent to Cumhuriyet Medical Journal via Dergipark by the corresponding author. All authors must register with Dergipark. Manuscript files in Microsoft Word format (.doc, .docx) can be saved. There is no page limitation. If there is a problem while uploading the article files, the size of the article should be reduced, especially for articles containing figures. Registrations made by anyone other than the authors will not be accepted. The recording author will have taken all responsibilities in the recording and evaluation process. In case of technical problems during registration, support can be requested at cumhuriyetmedicaljournal@cumhuriyet.edu.tr.

Admission Requirements
The publications to be submitted must not have been previously published elsewhere (except for abstracts, part of a published conference, thesis studies) and must not be under evaluation by another journal. The recording author will be responsible for all authors regarding the publication of the article. It is also the responsibility of the authors to ensure that publications issued by a particular institution have the approval of that institution. Only the acceptance letter written by the editorial office indicates the acceptance date. Subsequent correspondence and corrections will be sent to the author(s) before publication unless otherwise required. Permission must be given by all authors for the publication to be published.

All evaluated studies must meet certain academic standards. Incoming articles will first be pre-evaluated by the journal secretary in terms of compliance with the writing rules. After the eligible articles are evaluated by the editor-in-chief, they will be evaluated by referees who are not known to the authors and are not from the same institution as the author. Author information is not shown to reviewers. Reviewers are given 7 days to accept the invitation and 15 days for evaluation. The evaluation period of your article may vary depending on the reviewers' acceptance rate.


1. Title Page
• Article title (Turkish and English)
• Authors' full names, institutions and ORCID information (available at https://orcid.org/)
• Order of authors in the article
• Who is the corresponding author, contact information (e-mail address and phone number)
• Informed consent information obtained from participants included in the research.
• Author contributions (Concept, design, supervision, resources, materials, data collection, analysis, literature review, writing, critical review, other.)
• Financial support (If not, it should be written that there is none)
• If the article has been previously presented at the congress or the thesis has been published, this should be stated on the cover page. Full text printed articles are not accepted at the congress..

2. Conflict of Interest
• All contributing authors must fill out the ICMJE form individually and the completed forms must be uploaded to the online system by the corresponding author. Form is available from http://www.icmje.org/conflicts-of-interest/.

3. Copyright Transfer Form
The copyright transfer form must be signed by all authors and uploaded to the system. Cumhuriyet Medical Journal provides free access to its content from the journal's website and allows its content to be downloaded free of charge. Both anonymous and registered users can read and/or download articles. Unless otherwise noted, articles and journal content are licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License.

4. Ethics Committee Approval
The pertinent approval document needs to be submitted to the system along with any articles that need to be approved by the ethics committee. A petition declaring that authorization is not needed must be signed by the relevant author and uploaded to the system for articles that do not require clearance from the ethics committee.

5. Plagiarism Report
Our journal's accepted similarity limit is 20%. The plagiarism report must also be uploaded to the system when the article is submitted.

6. Preparation of the Article
Formal rules for all types of writing:
• The length of the article depends on the type of article. Paper dimensions should be 8.5 × 11 inches with a 2.5 cm margin on all sides. Please use regular, plain font (12-point Times New Roman), justified, and number all pages consecutively. Indent or space paragraphs.
• Please number the lines.
Accepted article types:
1. Original Research Article: Research articles and systematic reviews, respectively; English Title, English Abstract, English Keywords, Turkish Title, Turkish Abstract, Turkish Keywords, Introduction, Materials and Methods, Results, Discussion, Conclusion, Acknowledgments, Authorship Contribution, Conflicts of Interest statement, References, Tables (inside the article and at the end of the article) and Figure Descriptions (figures must be uploaded to the system as separate files).
2. Review: Although they adhere to the format of a Research Article, they do not need to include sections on materials and methods, results, or discussion and may instead use other headings related to the topic.
3. Case Report: It should be structured as English Title, English Abstract, English Keywords, Turkish Title, Turkish Abstract, Turkish Keywords, Introduction, Case Report, Discussion, Conclusion, Acknowledgments, Authorship Contribution, Conflict Declaration, References, Tables and Figure Legends..


Title and Abstract
An abstract must be provided in all articles. Abstracts of Research Articles should be structured with subheadings “Objective, Methods, Results, and Conclusion”. Word limit for abstract research paper is 250; 200 for case presentation.
According to MESH, 3 - 5 keywords should be provided. Turkish keywords should be taken from “bilim terimleri”.
This section should not contain subheadings.
Materials and Methods
This section should be written in enough detail to allow all procedures to be repeated. Authors should describe procedures and analytical techniques and identify the names and sources of all commercial products. It can be written by dividing it into subheadings.
In research requiring ethics committee permission, information regarding the permission (committee name, date and issue number) should be written in the materials and methods section. Case reports should include information that the informed consent/consent form was signed. Systematic review articles must comply with PRISMA guidelines. Authors should indicate this under the heading of materials and methods.
Information regarding statistical analyzes should be given under a separate subheading in this section and the statistical software used during the process should be specified.
Authors should refer to appropriate tables and figures when reporting statistical findings, and findings should be presented in a logical order. The data given in the table should not be completely repeated in the text, but the important results in the table should be written in the text and then the table should be referenced.
The Acknowledgements

If the study was supported by a grant or other funding, the name of the supporting organization and grant number should be stated.
All contributors who do not meet the authorship criteria recommended by the ICMJE (www.icmje.org) should be listed in the 'Acknowledgments' section.
Authorship Contribution
It is recommended that everyone listed as an author meet the 4 authorship requirements recommended by the ICMJE. These conditions:
1. Concept/design of the study; or have made a significant contribution to the collection, analysis and interpretation of data for the study;
2. Having drafted the article or made critical reviews of important intellectual content;
3. Having reviewed and approved the final version of the article before publication;
4. Agree to be responsible for all aspects of the work to ensure that questions regarding the validity and accuracy of any part of the work are appropriately investigated and resolved.
The parts of the research that the authors contributed to should be written using their first and last name initials.
Ex: Design: A.E., E.F., T.T., Data Collection: A.E., T.T.
Conflicts of Interest Statement
Identify possible conflicts of interest; if not, state that there is no conflict of interest.
American Medical Association 11th edition style is preferred. The rules of this reference style are;
1. References should be indicated in the article with superscript Arabic numerals after punctuation marks. You can create a superscript number in Word by highlighting the number you want and clicking the superscript button in the Font section at the top of the screen.
2. The reference list should be given as a separate page at the end of the article. It should be left aligned and arranged in numerical order. The reference list should only include references mentioned in the text.
3. Pubmed ID (PMID) or Pubmed Central ID (PMCID) records of the articles should NOT be added to the reference list.
4. It is important to write doi numbers, if any.
5. In articles with 7 or more authors, the first 3 authors should be written and et al. should be added. In articles with 6 or fewer authors, all authors must be written.
6. Example AMA 11th References
Author AA, Author BB. Title of Book: Subtitle of Book. Edition. Name of publisher; Year of publication.
Author AA, Author BB, Author CC. Title of Book: Subtitle of Book. Edition. Name of publisher; Year of publication. Date accessed. URL
Journal Article:
Author AA, Author BB, Author CC. Title of article: lower case letter for subtitle. Abbreviated Title of Journal. Year;Volume number(Issue number):page numbers. DOI.
Figure titles should be written after the references in the article, and the figures should be uploaded to the system as separate files.
Tables should be placed after the references in the text. Tables should NOT be uploaded as photographs (jpeg). It must be created using the insert table tool in Microsoft Word. The table name is above the table and explanations about the table content should be placed below the table.

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